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Welcome to Shimberg Health Science Library's Portal to Evidence Based Resources. This web page is designed to help you utilize evidence based medical principles to resolve your questions. Use these tools to enhance your mastery of evidence-based strategy in medicine.


ACP Journal Club: Located within Ovid Online, ACP Journal Club selects biomedical articles reporting original studies and systematic reviews of primary importance to physicians regarding advances in internal medicine. Enhanced abstracts and commentary by clinical experts are provided.

AHRQ - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality:  A free searchable database. AHRQ systematically and comprehensively translates research findings into better patient care and provides policymakers and other health care leaders with information needed to make critical health care decisions.

Bandolier:  "Evidence-based thinking about health care." Bandolier, a free database uses the the techniques of evidence-based medicine to provide treatment and disease information for the healthcare profession and consumers. The content is 'tertiary' publishing, distilling the information from (secondary) reviews of (primary) trials and making it comprehensible. Bandolier is produced from Pain Research.

Cochrane Library: Access directly or within Ovid Online, or within InfoPOEMS on the web. The Cochrane Library is a collection of evidence-based medicine databases which provide excellent quality information to all levels of the health care community in the form of reviews by experts of clinical trials and randomized controlled trials, grouped by subject matter.

DARE:  Database of Abstracts and Reviews of Effects (DARE) is University of York's database of quality assessed reviews, providing structured abstracts of systematic reviews. 3 ways to access: Univ. of York; Ovid: Located within Ovid Online; or Cochrane Library.

DynaMed:  Medical information database with over 1,800 clinical topic summaries, available for use at the point pf care-access from the library homepage, no password needed, remote access is available with USF Health account.

Hstat: Health Services/Technology Assessment Text:  A free searchable collection of practice guidelines provided by the National Library of Medicine.

MEDLINE:  Medline is a database of the National Library of Medicine indexing over 20 million citations of medical articles. PubMed Clinical queries (select for sensitivity/specificity, clinical queries) filters to retrieve clinical medical studies. Access via: Ovid Online: or PubMed

NGC:  National Guideline Clearinghouse NGC provides clinical practice guidelines with structured abstracts and annotated bibliographies, and guideline comparisons for similar topics.

SumSearch 2:  SumSearch is an Internet search engine of the University of Kansas, Wichita, School of Medicine that searches for systematic reviews and original research articles. (A meta search engine.)


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