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We really need your help.  Whether you are an undergraduate studying for the MCAT, a first year med student looking to review gross anatomy, or a family physician needing to quickly calculate a patient’s BMI, do you have personal favorite "go to" health apps in your professional arsenal?  Share with us which health apps you use.  You can email us at the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll post the results on this blog in a few weeks. 

Just to get you started, We've listed a few apps we like, below.  We're sure you academics and clinicians know of some way cooler health apps out there.  Any input you can give us as your library would be greatly appreciated!!  

  • A Gallery of Mobile Apps and Sites
    National Library of Medicine's available mobile apps. 
  • Dragon Medical Mobile Search
    by Nuance Communications. Uses voice to search medical information on the Internet. Searches Medscape, Medline, IMO(ICD9 codes),, and Google.
  • Epocrates
    Drug and prescribing tool. Cost: Rx version free. 
  • Eponym
    Andrew Yee's Medical Eponym.
  • FDA Mobile
    iPhone-friendly FDA News.
  • Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis
    by Unbound Medicine.
  • iRadiology
    by Gillian Lieberman, MD. iRadiology has a catalog of over 500 radiology cases designed to help medical students and residents improve their plain film, CT, and MRI reading skills. Cost: Free
  • Medical Terminology
    Mosby's iTerms Flash Cards. 
  • Merck Manual with Patient Symptoms Guide
    by Unbound Medicine. Dx and SX.
  • Netter’s Concise Radiologic Anatomy
    by Elsevier. Match modern diagnostic images with a subset of the anatomic drawings from the Atlas of Human Anatomy. 
  • NeuroMind
    by NeuroMind is an iPhone app that offers neurosurgical differential diagnosis (text & mindmap), clinical scores, and the WHO Safe Surgery checklist. 
  • Nursing Central
    by Unbound Medicine. Details of diseases, test, procedures, including 5,00 drug references and 60,000 dictionary terms.
  • PubMed On Tap
    Search PubMed from your iPhone. 
  • Safe Surgery
    by Safe Surgery is a dedicated iPhone implementation of the WHO Safe Surgery checklist. This digital version includes a progress indicator and feedback after each of the three check moments.
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